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Wanna rock

Wanna Rock is about learning to balance life to make room for adventure and fun.


THAT GIRLRawan Chaya
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Rawan Chaya - Slide (Official Music Video)Rawan Chaya
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ConfidentRawan Chaya
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Show MeRawan Chaya
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Rawan Chaya - mr.sabotageRawan Chaya
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Rawan Chaya, a Lebanese-American singer/songwriter and music producer is renowned for her powerhouse vocals and distinctive songwriting style. She has captivated audiences worldwide with her unique blend of urban pop and R&B, infused with enchanting Arab undertones. 

As one of Sephora's 'Sounds Artists,' Rawan showcases her innovative approach to music.


Additionally, she has made waves with radio debuts of her latest hit songs, such as "Wanna Rock," which was recently performed at the Recording Academy's ‘Women in the Mix’ Grammy's event. Rawan has been featured in People Magazine, Variety, and the Recording Academy official site.

Her journey from Beirut to Los Angele has been marked by remarkable milestones. From scouting for "The Voice - Arabia" to achieving recognition as a top 10 contender in Universal Music Group's Aloft competition, Rawan's ascent in the music industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. Listen to her music on all platforms, connect on Instagram and TikTok @rawanchaya, for more.

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Musicians You Need to Know: Rawan Chaya

Published by People Magazine

Click here to read the full interview: 


Rawan Chaya performs at the "Women in the mix" event during grammy week

Published by The Grammy Official Site

Click here for full article:


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